Online Learning Pros and Cons


Photo courtesy of J. kelly Brito from Unsplash Online class- A struggle or a benefit?

Bryan Lee

Online learning can either feel stressful or normal, depending on a student’s situation or what classes they are taking. Some like it, while others hate it. Online learning has become really popular after COVID-19 hit around March 2020. Here are some pros and cons of online learning. 


  • Less chance of getting covid
  • More breaks
  • More time to finish homework
  • More effective learning (videos, reviews, pdfs)


  • Technology issues
  • Less focus
  • Less interaction (More isolation)
  • More work
  • Increased screen time 
  • Difficult time management

Online learning has benefits and drawbacks. For some students, the drawbacks matter more than the benefits,  as it makes them do worse in school. Some students don’t get enough sleep due to how much work they get from online classes. However, it really does depend on the individual, their work ethic, and the classes for which they are taking. Although online classes are a struggle for many, it, unfortunately, is the most effective way for learning due to COVID-19. The question is whether or not this model of learning will impact the way schools teach in the future.