Teacher Feature: Mr. Garcia


Mr. Garcia exploring nature! photo courtesy of: Mr. Garcia

Gardenia Ortega

Mr. Garcia is an amazing teacher here at Segerstrom. He is a noble and resilient individual, which students and other staff can account for. Outside of his life at Segerstrom, Mr. Garcia enjoys the outdoors, reads lots of books, and loves to drink many types of coffee. He is also currently enrolled in school in addition to teaching at Segerstrom. He enjoys all genres of literature and always has new books lined up for him to read. His students describe him as very “kind hearted, intelligent, and above all extraordinary.”

1. What do you remember about being a student at Segerstrom? Do you have a specific memory from high school that you’d like to share? (It could be funny, interesting, heartwarming, noteworthy, etc.)

When I was in high school, I tried to find my place on campus. Although I enjoyed school and learning new things, I was a “jack-of-all-trades,” and in a sense, I was okay with that. My favorite memories include being a part of campus culture through ASB. Putting on assemblies, planning and promoting school dances, doing morning announcements on occasion, and creating videos for the school all made me feel driven and motivated in school.

2. When you were in high school, did you think you would become a high school teacher?

No, the thought did not cross my mind until college. I toggled between law and economics because I wanted to pursue financial success. It wasn’t until I went to OCC that I realized that I wanted to pursue something I thought I would actually enjoy and be good at, so I chose teaching. I also chose English because that was always my favorite subject in high school. I still had so much to learn, and my writing was not the best, but I knew I could do better. I know I made the right decision by pursuing English as my major, and I encourage everyone to pursue their genuine interests as they look forward towards college.

3. You are now a teacher at Segerstrom. How has being a student here helped you as being a teacher at our school?

Knowing what Segerstrom has to offer and knowing the expectations of our incredible staff and school culture, I feel very confident teaching our students how to push themselves to be greater. Being an alumnus also keeps me grounded: I am constantly reminding myself, “You were like them once, too.”