Junior Varsity Girls Basketball’s First Game


Photo Courtesy Basketball Starter Shooting Free Throw

Priscilla Rios

On April 10, the Junior Varsity (JV) Girls Basketball team played at 4:30 at Segerstrom High School against Canyon Anaheim. At first, the games started off a little rocky, but, after the JV coach Maria gave the JV team an encouraging  talk, they got their act together. 

One of the JV starters Abril Penolaza, a freshman, says, “I thought the game would be harder because we are in high school now, but it was slower than my travel ball team played.”

 Another starter for the JV Valeria Quero says “The game was slow, but it was like an experience for me as my first high school game. It was fun,” 

One of the benchwarmers, Berlin Laure, says. “The starters got the scoreboard up so we were able to play. Coach Maria let us play because we were up but like 20 points.”

Even though the JV game was not challenging for the players, it allowed for those who would not normally play, a chance to play. 

At the end of the game, the score was 47 to 23. The JV basketball is dominating the league right now as they have won all three games they have played by 20 or more points. Their most recent game was on Saturday, April 18, against San Juan Hills, and they defeated them by 60 points.