Gabby Muniz stays strong during softball season


Gabby Muniz posing for a picture in her Varsity Uniform. Photo Courtesy of: Gabby Muniz

Lina Naranjo

During COVID-19, sports have changed a lot of rules due to social distancing. For many, it has been hard to cope with because athletes can no longer get together physically with their friends to celebrate a win or just be together before games. 

Senior Gabby Muniz has been playing softball at Segerstrom for four years. She plays outfielder and enjoys the game of softball since she has been playing since she was five years old. She would also be in travel ball teams that are outside of school. 

“The team has been able to work together by doing distantly team bonding activities outside of school since we weren’t able to do that before the season started like we usually do,” she explains. With vaccines being distributed, they now have a higher chance of being able to hang out with their teammates. 

“This season is going well for us. We have won the majority of our games and hope to continue that throughout the rest of the season,” Muniz announces. 

Muniz still keeps a positive mindset throughout the whole changes they have made during their season.

“COVID-19 impacted last year’s softball season the most since we were not able to have a season at all and it all happened so quickly,” she says. 

She still has hope that things will get better so that hopefully they don’t have to keep having to wear their mask for every game. Despite all the changes they’ve had to experience Gabby and her teammates can stay strong together as a team and stick together no matter what adversities they are facing. 

“I would describe this year’s season as a different experience. We now have to wear masks, sanitize balls, and social distancing, but we still get to play so that is what really matters.”