Teacher Feature: Coach Flores


2019 Girls Frosh Basketball Team and their Coach Flores Photo Courtesy of:

Priscilla Rios

Vivianco Flores is a math teacher and the Girls Frosh Basketball Coach here at Segerstrom. Coach Flores is a very nice and sweet person. She encourages ladies to keep going hard and to never give up. She pushes every girl on the basketball team to be resilient and to hustle. This year since the pandemic started, the Frosh Basketball team didn’t have enough girls so I was lucky to have her for both my math teacher and JV Basketball Coach. 

1.  What do you like about coaching the girls’ basketball team? 

My favorite part of coaching girls basketball is seeing the girls work hard together to reach the same goal [because] we always have fun. I also enjoy seeing the girls stay in the program for many years and how mature and ready they become for their life after high school. Also, basketball is my favorite sport to play so it’s great helping students learn the sport or improve.

2.  How long have you been coaching the girls’ basketball team? 

This is my fifth year coaching at Sega. 

3.  Is it hard for you to be a math teacher and a basketball coach?

 It gets a bit challenging when the season is in full swing and we have two games a week because I get back up with some work. But overall very manageable.

4.  What inspired you to be a basketball coach?

 I got inspired to coach because I had coaches myself. I am the person I am today because of them. I had someone pushing me to be my best. I hope I can help girls in our program feel supported and also motivated to aim for success on and off the court.