Life Lessons Learned During the Pandemic


It’s up to YOU to get YOU where You want to be. Photo Courtesy of: Pexels

Many lessons were definitely learned during the pandemic. Here are some life lessons that really stood out to me:

Work on yourself to be a better you–for you.

The pandemic led to a series of stay home orders. We sometimes fall out of place within ourselves, but never forget who you are as a person. Always strive to be better than who you were yesterday. It’s really up to YOU to get YOU where YOU want to be because no one is going to do it but yourself. 

Our family’s health matters.

When the pandemic hit, it was so unexpected. And when people we’re starting to die from the virus that’s when it started to make people more aware of what it was causing, especially the elderly. At this point, everyone realized to take care of their own families for the sake of their life. 

Feeling lonely can affect your mental health.

As said before, the pandemic led to stay home orders which made everyone be isolated with each other. It was a very lonely year not being able to hangout with the people you love. In a way, staying home and being isolated from your people can affect your mental health. It’s the frustration of wanting to go out but not being able to because of the pandemic.