Uncovering the History Behind Our History Teacher


Image courtesy of Isabella Do

Mr. Bradshaw smiles underneath his mask after his fourth period just left for lunch.

Avery Ngo and Isabella Do

Midwestern accent? Born and raised in Iowa? Descended from the Founding Fathers? Crossed the Atlantic with William Bradford in the Mayflower? 

“I am pretty sure Mr. Bradshaw met George Washington,” says Dominic Truong (12). “There’s no way he knows that much about his views otherwise.” 

In spite of his straightforward personality, there is a certain intrigue that surrounds the enigma that is Christopher Bradshaw, the AP United States History teacher. With his proclivity for dry wit, clear passion for the past, and no-nonsense teaching philosophy, Mr. Bradshaw is one the more talked about staff members at Segerstrom High. 

“I was always told to do what I enjoyed. History was always my favorite. I believe that if a teacher really likes what they are teaching, they’ll be better at teaching it,” says Mr. Bradshaw. “I am credited to teach pretty much any subject, and I have taught government, economics, and world history, but US history has remained my favorite.” 

Mr. Bradshaw’s interest in US history shines through in his lectures, curriculum, and opportunities he gives his students. Last year, during distance learning, two of his students ran against each other in a mock presidential election. Each video, creatively filmed and edited, presented their political stances and other reasons why they would make the best president. But, what is interesting about this election is that it was not something assigned by Mr. Bradshaw. Rather, it was Mr. Bradshaw’s passion for history and American politics that inspired these two students to go above what was expected of them. 

“I remember being so impressed by the quality of their videos. It was really fun to listen to their speeches and eventually vote between one of them. I felt like what we were reading in the textbook came alive,” says Han Hoang (12). 

More than a teacher, Mr. Bradshaw is the father of two children. When he’s not driving his athletic high schoolers to practices or games, he loves being outdoors– much like some of the Founding Fathers his students claim he knows. 

Unfortunately, to the chagrin of many,  Mr. Bradshaw is quick to dispel any rumors. “One thing students find surprising about me is that I was born and raised in Santa Ana. I went to Greenville, Macarthur, and then Saddleback.” 

But what his students do know about him is he made the best out of what has been a very tumultuous time. 

“Mr. Bradshaw is the best history teacher I’ve ever had even with the virtual setting. The way he explains history is interesting and also a bit funny when he added some commentary. I also liked the way he challenged me,” says Oscar Cuica (12).