Ms. Qafaiti’s Advice to Students

Ms. Qafaiti takes school photo for the new school year. (Image courtesy of Selena Qafaiti)

Ms. Qafaiti takes school photo for the new school year. (Image courtesy of Selena Qafaiti)

Alondra Cifuentes

Behind the doors of room A180 is Ms. Qafaiti on her computer working on lesson plans for her English classes or yearbook staff. Other than working on lessons, Ms. Qafaiti has always been there for her students.

Ms. Qafaiti is currently an English 9 and 11 teacher. She is also the yearbook teacher. She has been teaching English for four years and yearbook for two years. She became a teacher to work and influence young adults. She stays after school to help some of her students earn community service hours, or help them if students are struggling in classes. Ms. Qafaiti wants her students to grow into great adults someday. Just ask any students in her class. 

“She is nice and kind,” says Anabella Olmos-Roa (9).

Ms. Qafaiti has earned her BA and teaching credential from Cal State Fullerton (CSUF). She’s recently been working on her Master’s at CSUF.  Her MA will be in Secondary Education. 

“In high school, I was debating against math or English, but in college I ended up choosing English for my love of reading,” says Ms. Qafaiti. 

Some of her favorite activities are reading, traveling, watching TV, and trying new foods. She is a big fan of Harry Potter. Ms. Qafaiti also likes to hang out with family and friends.

“Within the US, I have been to Nevada, New York, California, Florida, Connecticut and internationally I have been to Canada, mostly the Middle East like Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine,” says Ms. Qafaiti. 

Being a traveler has helped Ms. Qafaiti understand the different point of views the students have. Her students, old and new, always go to her for advice. Students will go after school to her classroom to do homework, or to hang out. Ms. Qafaiti makes her classroom a safe place for her students. 

“Ms. Qafaiti and some other students and I joke around in class,” says Olmos-Roa (9).

Olmos-Roa is one of her many students that Ms. Qafaiti helps everyday. No matter who her students are, she has a message for every student. 

“To always have a plan no matter what.  After high school, whether  you want to go to a 4 year university or trade school or Paris, always have a plan,” says Ms. Qafaiti.