Real Talk with Segerstrom’s Wrestling Team


The wrestling team is doing homework to keep their academic grades up for season. (Image courtesy of Kaylie Amaya)

Kaylie Amaya

On any given day, during 6th period at Segerstrom High, if you were to walk inside the wrestling room, you would see the wrestling team putting on gear, stretching, or wrestling. You would see Coach Juan Moroyoque working with a student or leading a team meeting. 

Coach Moroyoque is instrumental to the wrestling team’s success. His story began when he was a student at Segerstrom. After he graduated, he took a position as an assistant of the wrestling teaml. Then, he took a year off to finish college and was then offered the coaching position he holds today. When asked what it’s like working with both the boys and girls wrestling team, he mentions the difficulties and the rewards for working with both groups.

“It’s definitely a little different coaching both instead of just the boys. The two teams have different dynamics, so it sometimes is tough to balance them out. But I love both teams, and I’m glad the girls team number has gone up to 20,” says Coach Moroyopui. 

Christian Barroso (10) says he joined to get into shape and because his brother Jorge Barroso encouraged him to join. There are 40 boys on the team in total. And even though matches are quite individual in nature, the wrestlers are very team-oriented. 

“My favorite part in wrestling is when I get to wrestle with my best friend Chris Coria,” says Barroso.

Yalena Watrous (23), the girls’ captain mentions, “I have only been wrestling for 3 years. My favorite memory is when I won my first match because I didn’t know, so when they raised my arm I started jumping.” 

Lucy Castjon (10) talks about the atmosphere within wrestling. 

“My favorite part is when we play games because everything becomes unfiltered,” says Castjon.

Ulysses Romero (12), the boys’ captain, discusses how he started wrestling three years ago because he wanted to work hard and achieve something. When asked about his favorite memory, he mentioned all matches. 

“I think my favorite part would be all the dulls and tournaments we have,” says Romero. 

Beatriz Avila (9) says she’s been wrestling for 5 years. Her favorite memory was when she broke a kid’s nose for breaking hers. When asked why she joined, her answer was unexpected. 

“I started wrestling because I didn’t like the other sports I tried,” says Beatriz Avila (9).

All in all, the wrestling team at Segerstrom is very determined to succeed. They love the sport, and they love to win.