“Donda” Album Review


Kanye West Donda album cover features a black square. (Image courtesy of The New Yorker)

Jacklyne Rivera

On August 29, 2021, Kanye West released his recent rap album called Donda, which is named after his mother. Kanye had different release dates for this album and left fans wondering when the album would be released. 

This album has 27 songs. The names of the songs are mostly based on parts of the Christian faith. This album reminds me of a little bit of religious music because it incorporated Jesus and other religious names. 

When Donda was released, there was a lot of controversy. Many people claimed it is one of the greatest albums of this year, while others thought this album performed below expectations.

If I could rate Kanye’s new album, I’d give it a seven out of ten The reason it is not higher is because, in some songs, he just repeats the same words over and over again for a minute straight.  

Another reason why I rated this album a seven out of ten is because some of the songs are just way too long for no reason.    

The album cover was another reason why some people were disappointed with this album. For Kanye’s album cover, it was just a black cover with nothing on it. 

I believe Kanye should’ve done better with the album cover because it looked boring, and he had some nice album covers in the past. 

Overall, this album was not bad, and it is one of my favorite Kanye albums. However, it wasn’t perfect and could have been improved in some aspects. If you like rap mixed with R&B, I would recommend this album.