“On My Block” Spin-Off Coming Soon


Three of the main characters, Monse Finnie, Ruby Martinez, and Jamal Turner, face in front of one of their houses. (Image courtesy of Netflix)

Alondra Cifuentes

Since March 16, 2018, Netflix has released a show called On My Block. This show is about students who live in the rough part of Freeridge, California, how they handle it,  and how they solve mysteries as they make their way through high school.  

I have always loved On My Block because this show gave me a different perspective on life. I have been following this show since it came out. This show teaches that there are some things that people are forced into, people lie (even family), lives are complicated , remember the people that truly love you, and remember that life is short so live in the moment. Many people think it is overrated, yet On My Block shows me what the real world is like.

Throughout the five years of this show, I saw that life can be really rough sometimes and some people just drift apart after a while. “Chapter Thirty-Three” is one of my favorite episodes, which aired during season 4 as episode 5.This specific episode focused on one of the characters, Cesar, and his older brother Oscar. Oscar was trying to help Cesar have the best life. Oscar wanted Cesar to not be part of gangs, get an education, and Cesar to be successful in life.  This was such a great episode. I highly recommend watching this show. Although the last season ended on October 4, 2021, viewers can still watch all the seasons and episodes anytime.And better yet, Netflix finally announced a spin-off show called Freeridge. They have not given any other information, but they hint at the spin-off show in the last episode of season 4. There was a parallel plot that played out in the very first episode of the entire show. I am so excited to watch this spin-off. I really hope this spin-off reaches the standards of On My Block.