Britney Spears Case Takes a New Turn


Fans march in support of Britney Spears outside the courthouse where the ruling took place. (Image courtesy of Chris Pizzello, Associated Press)

Luis Ortiz

As many of you know, Britney Spears has been in the spotlight over the last several months. On Monday, October 4th, Spears went on her social media accounts to thank all of her supporters for standing alongside her for a trial many believed she was unfairly subdued to. Spears also thanked her fans for making the #FreeBritney movement louder and stronger over the course of the last few months.

“#FreeBritney movement… I have no words … because of you guys and your constant resilience in freeing me from my conservatorship… my life is now in that direction… I cried last night for two hours cause my fans are the best and I know it… I feel your hearts and you feel mine… that much I know is true,” says Spears.

Ever since 2019, the #FreeBritney movement has been trending online when it was revealed that the pop star was being held in a mental health facility against her will. Spears then gained national attention in June after she gave an explosive testimony in a Los Angeles courtroom – she decried her business affairs have been held under the control of her father since 2008. 

Recently, Spears achieved a significant victory against her father’s conservatorship in court. However, this does not mean that Spear’s father, Jaime Spears, will not continue meddling in his daughter’s business affairs in the future. When Judge Brenda Penny decided that Mr. Spears’ abusive rule over his daughter would be suspended for now, she also scheduled a crucial ruling for this upcoming November. Another judge will make the ultimate decision whether to permanently ban the conservatorship or not. There is a good chance that Spears will finally receive her long-desired freedom that she’s been waiting upon for over a decade. 

In addition to her father, Spears feels as if the rest of her family did not do enough to stop Mr. Spears’ 13-year control of her business affairs. She made that clear on an Instagram post on October 5th.

“My family did not do a goddamn thing,” the songwriter claims. “If you’re like my family who says things like ‘sorry, you’re in a conservatorship’… probably thinking you’re different so they can mess with you!”

Spear’s older brother, Bryan, has voiced his opposition to a possible end to Mr. Spears’ conservatorship. He claims that it is for his sister’s well-being. After Judge Penny’s ruling, however, he has remained silent ever since. However, her mother, Lynne Spears has been supportive of her daughter throughout the last few years. Spears’ sister, Jamie Lynne Spears, has also stood firmly alongside the singer. 

“If ending the conservatorship…or whatever the hell she wants to do to be happy, I support that,” says Jamie Spears.