Chucky Supports the LGBTQ+ Community


Chucky is supporting his own child who is queer/genderfluid. (Image courtesy of Marya Gonzalez)

Mayra Gonzalez and Alondra Cifuentes

On October 12, 2021, the new Chucky series came out on Youtube and Hulu Live. New episodes come out every Tuesday. The series shows how Chucky’s personality has developed over time. In this series, Chucky has a new owner who identifies as gay.

In the second episode of season one, Chucky was telling Jake, his new owner, about his son. During their conversation, Chucky said that he has a son who is genderfluid. Jake asked Chucky if he was okay with his child being a part of the LGBTQ+ community. Chucky answered back by saying that he wasn’t a monster. By saying this, Chucky meant that he will never judge his own child for being themself. For the people that don’t know what gender fluid means, gender fluid means that they have different aspects of various gender at the same time. 

“ Oh my god, I loved it,” says Angelica Herrera (10). 

In the first episode of the season, Chucky went with his owner Jake to the school’s talent show. Jake brought Chucky to use in his act, Jake was going to do a ventriloquist act. In the middle of the act, Chucky was talking to Jake about how they are friends and nothing more. After Chucky announced that, Chuckey looked at Devon, who is Jake’s crush, and said that there was nothing wrong with being more than friends. Chucky did that because he was trying to help Jake get Devon to become his boyfriend. 

“ I was smiling,” says Jaidy Guevara (9).

Being a part of the LGBTQ+ community was not the greatest for Jake when he was growing up. Jake had a father named Lucas who abused him for being gay. Jake’s own mother and siblings didn’t know what was going on when his father would hurt him. However, Chucky saw how much Jake would get hit by his father. Chucky doesn’t support parents who don’t allow their children to be themself since he is a father himself. Because Chucky didn’t agree with what Jake’s father was doing, he ended up killing Lucas. 

“ It’s understandable, and I would do the same,” says Herrera (10).

“ Chucky is more supportive than my parents, ” says Guevara (9).