Facebook Whistleblower Speaks Out


Facebook app goes underfire after whistleblower complaint reveals the issues going on behind the scene. (Image Courtesy of Austin Distel via Unsplash)

Gabriela Colocho and Sophia Cortez

On September 28th, former Facebook data scientist Frances Haugen testified in court about how the company has allowed hateful content to keep its audiences hooked. Haugen published a whistleblower complaint that has put Facebook under fire, leaving many people upset and worried.  

Since her initial court testimony, more information has been leaked. All of it proves that Facebook is aware that its apps are purposely lowering teenagers’ self-esteem. These findings have astounded and shocked many Facebook users. 

“The company’s leadership knows how to make Facebook and Instagram safer but won’t make the necessary changes,” says Haugen. 

For many of those who use apps that have been created by Facebook, it is extremely unnerving and alarming. Facebook claims to make sure that its apps are safe and aren’t promoting hateful content to polarize the nation. However, they have allowed disturbing content to continue being shown and promoted. Facebook has been cognizant of this issue for quite some time but has yet to address the situation. 

 Since a majority of teenagers use social media, it is very concerning that Facebook and Instagram are not taking the necessary steps to ensure the safety of their users.   

“I am not surprised because Facebook has had a long history of failing to stop misinformation from spreading on its platforms,” says Luis Ortiz (12).  

The Facebook issue will not go away until a change is made. No investigations have been opened against Facebook, but there is a possibility of that occurring in the near future.  As of now, Haugen has testified in court regarding the whistle-blower complaint.