Adele’s “Easy on Me” Breaks Music Chart Records


Adele’s “Easy on Me” blasts as Number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. (Image courtesy of Melanie)

Melanie Vargas

Adele didn’t go easy on the charts; the singer-songwriter released her new lead single off of her upcoming album 30, her song “Easy on Me” broke chart records on October 14. Adele has finally released her new single. It’s been over five years since she has released new music. “Easy on Me” is Adele’s fifth single to hit No.1 since her single “Hello” in 2015. “Easy on Me” has 53.9 million U.S streams and has currently been number one for two weeks on Billboard Hot 100 charts. 

Adele is one of the best artists of the decade and her new single has me desperately waiting for her album. There is something about Adele’s music that is  special,  it makes me feel like I’m waiting for an inevitable emotional pummeling at the hands of her new song. Adele’s voice and her  pitch is the star in “Easy on Me”. The lyrics are so good because she presents such emotional depth in her song. 

Fall is officially in session if Adele is on the way with her new album 30. After a five year hiatus, Adele announced she will be dropping an album in  November. Her upcoming album 30 is a medium for Adele to answer questions about life and her relationships. For a cover story with British Vogue, Adele gave a handful of exciting details about her new upcoming album and how it will compare to her previous ones. 

Out of all the artists I’ve listened to, my favorite is Adele. If you’ve listened to her past famous songs like “Someone Like You” or “Rolling in The Deep” you would know that her songs pour their strong emotions into your heart. They make me feel things I’ve never felt before. Listening to “Easy on Me” made me feel heartbreak and emotion. 

Along with the newest single she released the music video tied to the song. Her music video is a gentle nod to life experiences. Adele’s “Easy on Me”  resembles her 2015 music video “Hello”. Both music videos begin with Adele sitting in an alone abandoned house with a colorless hue. Though striking resemblance to each other, each video has their own tie-in to Adele’s memories. Some of her lyrics have a hint of self reflection such as  “I was still a child. Didn’t get the chance  to feel the world around me. Had no time to choses what I chose to do”. At the surface it sounds like excuses, the root of the lyrics was a person making the best of their situation. 

Adele’s tear-jerking lyrics never cease to amaze me with the depths of passion and emotion behind each of the lyrics in “Easy on Me”. Despite each year that her albums are released, it is the raw emotion demonstrated in each lyric that can draw you in. The remainder of her musical journey will be shared with us in November, and I can’t wait to hear it.