Segerstrom College Signing


Zander Bretza, Rebecca Cabezas, and Aidee Mendoza commit to their future colleges. (Image courtesy of Christian Valadez)

Raymond Amezcua and Christian Valadez

On Wednesday afternoon, Segerstrom student athletes had their first college signing. The three student athletes each signed with a different institution. Baseball player, Zander Bretza, signed to the University of Las Vegas. Rebeca Cabezas, who plays softball, signed to the University of Riverside, and Aidee Mendoza, who also plays softball, signed up for Missouri Valley college. 

Many students and family members attended the signing ceremony. Each family was given flowers and balloons, taking pictures with their child to capture this memorable moment. 

The athletic director counted down for them to start their commitment signing at the same moment. As they were signing,all the students that were surrounding them started to clap and cheer, supporting their fellow students’ big step in their academic and sport career. 

After their signing ceremony, after asking each student what it took to get to this point, they all simply said: “hard work and dedication.”