Latest Michigan School Shooting


Eric Seals

Students reconnect with their parents after experiencing the horrific event. (Image courtesy of CNN)

Sophia Cortez

Since the beginning of the 2021 school year, school shootings have begun to increase once again. The recent school shooting that occured in Oxford was at Michigan High School, and has been counted as the 28th school shooting so far in this year.

The main intent of the recent school shooting was to harm other students and or staff. The school shooter has been identified as a 15 year old male sophomore student attending Michigan High School. As of now, the latest report reads three students dead, ages fourteen, sixteen, and seventeen and eight injured, including students and staff.   

Multiple students heard through the intercoms across the school that there was an active school shooter in the area, revealing that it was not a drill. Staff and students began barricading the doors in order to keep the school shooter from coming inside. Within hearing the first couple of shots fired, multiple students called 911 in a panic. Minutes later, police officers arrived to locate and remove the school shooter from the premises. A video has been surfacing the internet revealing a voice who is believed to be the suspect acting as an officer in order to get into a classroom full of students. When the armed officers entered the halls and found the suspect, “he put his hands up, they took the gun and took him into custody,” says the sheriff, Michael Bouchard.  

 School shootings are not a rare occurrence. Coming back from quarantine, students should be happy to return. Unfortunately some may begin to worry if their school will be the next target for a school shooting.    

“The US needs stricter gun laws, it should be way more difficult to purchase a gun in the country,” says Gabby Colocho (12).

Adding onto that, Bushra Syed (10) says, “You don’t expect it to happen, it’s an experience that you only understand once you go through it. School should be a safe environment and school shootings take that feeling of safety away. There should be stricter policies when it comes to gun control because it isn’t enough.”