Father Arrested After Killing Four Children


The Lancaster home for which the murders took place. (Image courtesy of New York Post)

Brianna Vazquez

 On Tuesday, Germarcus David, a 29-year old father and licensed security guard was charged with murder after shooting and killing his four young children and their grandmother in their Lancaster home. 

The shooting was reported at 10:27 pm on Sunday in the 3500 block of Garnet Lane. According to Deputy Tracey Kroeber of the Sheriff’s information Bureau,  three of the deceased children were boys including one infant, Koerner said. One victim was a girl and a woman was also shot to death, Namyaih David , and Ericka England. 

The coroner’s office identified the victims Tuesday as Ericka England  51, Noah David 1, Kaden David 2, Germarcus David JR 7, and Namyaih David, 11. David is the father of the children and son-in-law of their grandmother. 

 According to ABC 7, David turned himself in to authorities on the day of the shooting. David is being held in lieu of $2 million bail. He was charged Tuesday with five counts of murder and three counts of assault on a child,,. He is expected to be arraigned Wednesday

“No family should endure this type of tragedy, especially when the alleged perpetrator was responsible for their protection,”  says District Attorney Gerorge Gaseón. The whereabouts of the mother of the children was unclear during the tragic event.