Segerstrom Inaugurates a New Holiday Celebration


Image courtesy of Sherri Conferti

A poster created by ASB advertises Winter Fest.

Luis Ortiz, A & E Editor

Segerstrom High School is getting ready to host Winter Fest, which is a festival taking place on campus in celebration of the arrival of the holiday season. ASB Senate is the main club responsible for holding the event in the quad area of our campus. They are ready to open the doors to Segerstrom students, staff, parents, and to all members of our local community on December 10 of this month from 5:00 to 8:00 pm that evening. The purpose of this event is to help continue building a school community and have more students participating in events taking place outside of school hours.

Attendees can expect to see a variety of booths at the festival. The main ones are the food, games, and charity booths. Each club will have its own stand promoting any of the three types mentioned. Those going to the event will expect drinks such as aguas frescas, hot chocolate, champurrado, etc… When talking about food, participants will likely see things like churros, popcorn, tamales, and pan dulce being sold in different locations around the quad. Entertainment booths include our talented choir performing many of the Christmas tunes we know and where Santa Claus will be located for the young and the young at heart. 

This is a free event to encourage all to attend to enjoy the atmosphere. But, if you would like to purchase food, drinks, or apparel, you will need to purchase tickets. Each ticket is one dollar and can be spent at any booth.

Mr. Garcia, Segerstrom’s current ASB advisor, hopes Winter Fest ends up being worth all the time and effort that he and his students had to put in. 

“I just hope anyone comes at this point. I hope that if anyone shows up, they enjoy it. You guys should show up and bring your families. Just pause, chill, take a minute, spend some money. Remember, it is all for the children,” he stated in an exclusive interview with the Jag Journal.

Garcia and our ASB Senate hope to see you all at this upcoming event!