Best Breakfast Spots Within the OC

Avery Ngo and Isabella Do

Within Orange County, there is a great diversity of restaurants, bakeries, cafes, patisseries, and more. For the morning in particular, Orange County is known for its wide range of options from the healthy, vegetarian choices to the more heavy traditional American breakfast. 

1.  Krisp Fresh Living: 4.5 Stars

Founded by a team of ladies, these individuals were committed to advocating for an organic and healthy lifestyle. Krisp Fresh Living is an LA-esque breakfast place in Irvine, offering quick meals, acai bowls, smoothies, pastries, and coffee. The cafe is known for its specialty creations – the pistachio rose lattes, honey lavender lattes, and pecan toffee coffees will be found nowhere else within the county. We highly recommend any one of these for the quintessential coffee addict. 

But in addition to the drinks, Krisp’s ham-and-cheese croissant, quickly warmed up by the friendly staff, was as delicious as any specialty bakery. And for those who caught onto the avocado toast craze of the pandemic, try Krisp’s interpretation of it. Called the Egg in the Nest Avocado Toast, this version of a simple dish is a very flavorful and healthy way to grab a quick breakfast on the way to school. 

2.  Everyday Eatery (4 Stars)

For a more filling and satisfying meal, Everyday Eatery is another popular brunch place in OC. In addition to their array of traditional breakfast burritos, morning market scrambles, and omelets, Everyday Eatery is known for their bowls. We had the pleasure of trying the Green Brekkie Bowl, which is a combination of red quinoa, sunny egg, kale, arugula, pesto, and more. 

The Lemon Ricotta Hotcakes are another favorite for this cafe’s customers. One of the best pancakes we have ever had, these were fluffy and light. 

However, as delicious as the food was, when the waiters delivered our food, it was a bit of a wait, and the food was cold. 

3. Poached Kitchen (5 stars)

Poached Kitchen is another breakfast option with a couple of unique dishes. The first one is the Chilaquiles Verde, which is 2 eggs of any style, crispy tortilla chips, salsa verde, queso fresco, side of black beans, cotija and more. This Mexican-style dish has a hint of spice; we definitely recommend it for those who enjoy a tang or edge to their food. 

The Eggs Benedict is another speciality of Poached Kitchen. Placed on top of an English muffin and Beeler’s chili verde pork, this take of eggs is flavored quite nicely with paprika,  hollandaise, and serrano aioli. With great service,  you should definitely check out Poached Kitchen!

So, while there are many breakfast cafes within Orange County, be sure to check out these both healthy and delicious places.