COVID Cases Rise While Schools Remain In Person


Image courtesy of Education Week

As we enter the new year, schools are facing an all time high record of COVID-19 cases.

Sophia Cortez

As the 2021 year comes to an end and we welcome 2022, COVID-19 cases begin to rise again and are at an all time high. Not only are covid cases rising but other new strains are mutating and evolving, however COVID still remains the top rising virus. 

As students come back from winter break and attend school, more and more students are catching the fast-spreading virus. Students are dropping like flies going in and out of school. Students not knowing where other students have been or who they have come in contact with is what makes the situation worse. They don’t know who has COVID until they get tested. Not having the vaccine or the booster can make you more susceptible to getting the virus. You can still get covid however it will not enter your system as bad as it would to someone who has no vaccine or booster. As more and more cases rise, people begin to become more protective and careful.  

During the first week back at Segerstrom it felt like a “ghost town”, students from all grade levels were not coming to school because they were testing positive or because they came into close contact with a COVID positive student. If a student at Segerstrom tests positive they will need to quarantine until they no longer have symptoms and test negative. Some schools have finally decided to make the decision and shut down, while others schools remain open with multiple cases being reported from left and right.  

Doctors have recommended that although one mask can help prevent the spread of COVID, it is better to “mask up” and wear two masks. It has been proven that “wearing two masks reduces the number of respiratory droplets containing the virus that come through the mask” says By wearing two masks rather than one it can help prevent the spread of COVID between people and lower the case rates. If you decide to wear two masks, it is preferred to wear surgical masks rather than tithing cloth like masks or any thin type of material alone. You can still wear a cloth-like material, but to prevent catching anything you should wear a surgical mask underneath. If you own a reusable mask, do not forget to clean it after use to get rid of any bacteria that was transmitted onto the mask. Lastly and most importantly, don’t forget to wash your hands and sanitize them whenever you can and stay six feet apart.