New Art Teacher Speaks Out


Photo courtesy of Michael Gamnig

Ms. Brim (middle) standing alongside the other members of the art department: Ms. Segalla (right) and Mr. Gamnig (left). (Image courtesy of Mr. Gamnig)

Luis Ortiz

Last summer, newly arrived Ms. Brim joined Segerstrom’s art department. She aspires to do a great job during her time here at Segerstrom High School.

Before the start of the 2021-2022 school year, Brim had been teaching elementary school students for almost 5 years. This is going to be a 180 degree turnaround for her; nonetheless, she expects it to be an opportunity worth taking. So far, she’s been warmly welcomed by Segerstrom staff and students since her move last year.

One notable staff member is one of our current teachers, who Brim has cited as a key influence in her decision to relocate to this school.

“I was looking to move from the elementary school up to a high school, so I was looking for any high school really,” she stated in an exclusive interview with the Jag Journal. “But I actually know a teacher that works here, Ms. Maldonado, and she was like ‘Oh, there’s an opening at our school! You should come and try it out!’” 

She looked back at the time she felt art was starting to make an impact in what she wanted to be when she grew up.

“I started taking art classes when I was in elementary school and when I got into high school, all 4 years I took art,” she continued.  

In addition to that, she also has a message to all those who wish to become art majors but feel like they don’t have the talent or abilities to master it.

“Art doesn’t always have to be something that you are making to sell someone or things like that,” she added. “It can also be just to help you out and help you find out who you are, or explore different ideas or calm down, anything like that.” 

She sees something interesting within high schoolers, the ideas they come up with and how they can apply them to the real world. 

“They just have a fun attitude about the world. It’s more interesting to be able to relate to each other, to have conversations, to see what you guys are thinking and what that’s causing you to create in an art class. You’re capable of a lot if you believe in yourself and know that you can do it,” she concluded.