Senioritis at Segerstrom


Andy Barbour from Pexels

Students suffering from Senioritis.

Gabby Colocho

With March around the corner, many seniors are now being affected by a very contagious illness. As we reach the end of the year, we are at a point in time where most students are exhausted and don’t want to do anything. Everyone is waiting for the school year to end and summer to officially start. 

For many seniors, this year, and last, was filled with copious amounts of stress and even uncertainty. The current seniors spent their entire junior year virtually. Many seniors have said that they were glad to be back at school in person, but the change has been very draining and everyone is exhausted. Many have complained that even after not being in school for around two years, the workload has been very heavy, and they have no time for anything other than school work.

“This second semester I have had a very difficult time because the workload has been so heavy I have no time to do things outside of school. Finding motivation to keep going since the second semester started has been hard,” says Nayeli Robles (12).

With college application season in full swing from around September to January, it seems like the seniors have gotten no breaks. 

“Application season has drained me of my enthusiasm and energy for school. I have had a hard time getting up in the morning and I’m excited for the year to end but at the same time I’m sad that high school is over,” says Avery Ngo (12). 

Even after turning college applications in, many nervously wait for college decisions to come out around March and April. The stress that college application season brings on top of the waiting for decisions and the stress of being in high school for four years has finally come to a pinnacle around this time. This stress builds up, and we see seniors too tired to wake up on time and too tired to do any of their work. 

Some think that since college applications have already been submitted, what they do this final semester won’t really affect them.  However, this is far from the truth; colleges and universities still expect their students to keep their grades up and to consistently do well, so they can be prepared for their first year of college. 

Many seniors will be relieved to know that there are only about three months left of school. With this good news, unfortunately, there is bad news. If you are taking Advanced Placement classes,the next few months will be filled with gruering study sessions in preparation for the AP exams.