What It Takes to Have Healthy Facial Skin


Roman Odintsov

Products like these fill skincare shelves making it hard to choose (Image courtesy of pexels.com)

Raymond Amezcua

So, do you want to develop better skincare habits? Here are some suggestions you can add to your daily routine. Any healthy skincare regimen must include these three simple steps: Cleanse, treat, and most importantly moisturize.


A facial cleanser is a skincare product designed to wash away daily grime like makeup, dead skin cells, excess oil, and pollutants. Some facial cleansers include exfoliants that can help remove excess dead skin cells by gentle abrasion. If these cells stay on your skin for too long, they can clog your pores and lead to breakouts. Using a sponge or loofah can also help slough off excess skin. Some popular brands that Segerstrom students use are Youth to the People Superfood Cleanser and Aloe Vera Soothing and Moisture Foam Cleanser. If you need to clear breakouts, Panoxyl is specifically formulated for acne-prone skin. 


After cleansing your face, it is important to treat problem areas. Depending on your needs, you may need to take prescribed medication for acne to address the problem below the surface. For more occasional breakouts, you can use a topical serum or targeted acne cream. After addressing these problems, you will need to use a toner to completely treat your skin. Two options you can use are Hero Mighty Patch which cures your pimples and sunscreen can also protect your face from getting dark spots and prevent you from getting wrinkles on your face. In terms of toner, some popular choices are Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow or Clinique, which offers various formulas for all skin types. 


After washing your face you add the moisturizer. Like cleansers, moisturizers don’t have to be expensive or filled with fancy ingredients. More importantly, look for a moisturizer that is noncomedogenic, which will not block the pores in your skin. There are moisturizers for every skin type from oily to sensitive skin. Many moisturizers also contain aloe vera, which helps soothe red skin. Two options you can use are Cetaphil, which protects skin from dryness and smoothes your skin. Another moisturizer you can use is Cerave lotion, which hydrates your skin.  

Overall, these essentials are the best for a skincare routine. There are a variety of brands that people rely on to help them achieve healthy skin. The best way to decide what is best for you, you need to know your skin type and look for products that are designed to work with that skin type.