Segerstrom College Acceptances


(Image courtesy of Isabella Do)

From left to right, Matthew Dinh, Han Hoang, and Brandon Nguyen are all excited to graduate and go to college.

Avery Ngo and Isabella Do

This past week has been a very exciting one for Segerstrom seniors. Last Friday and yesterday, UC Los Angeles, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, and UC Irvine announced their decisions. With the most applications some of these California Universities have ever received, this year has been more competitive than ever. However, many students were accepted to their dream schools.

This year, UCLA only admitted 15,028 students out of the 139,490 students that applied for the Fall semester, coming out to be an acceptance rate of 11%. This is much more competitive than last year, which accepted 14% of applicants. At Segerstrom High School, Mikayla Moreno, Joseph Duarte, Avery Ngo, Bella Do, and Ben Le were selected to attend this prestigious school. 

For UCSD, their acceptance rate also decreased from previous years. They received 97,8999 applications from prospective freshmen, granting admission to 29,677. This amounted to an acceptance rate of just 30.2%. Segerstrom seniors Nicholas Moreno, Brandon Nguyen, Ben Le, Bella Do, Avery Ngo, Gabby Colocho, John Dinh, Sophia Cortez, Han Hoang, and more were accepted to UCSD. 

It was another competitive year at UCI and UCSB as well. However, both schools have not released their admission statistics yet. Last year, UCI’s acceptance rate was 28.96%, and UCSB’s was 36.7%, Some of the Segerstrom students who were accepted into these universities include Brandon Nguyen, Kacy Nguyen, Han Hoang, Matthew Dinh, Gabby Colocho, Sophia Cortez, Brandon Dao, Mikalya Moreno, and more.

While the UCs have released all decisions, some students may be still waiting for private colleges. If students were accepted into multiple schools, they must make a decision and commit by May 1st.