Life After High School


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Segerstrom’s senior class of 2022 nearing graduation, where students will celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in their life.

Sophia Cortez, Feature Editor

Freshman year…Sophomore year…Junior year…Senior year…Senior year!? As the class of 2022 ends their last year of high school they begin to wonder, ‘what’s next?’ Students look forward to the end of senior year, receiving their college acceptance letters and starting to narrow down their choices of where to attend and what to major in. Many seniors are excited to leave school and start the next chapter of their lives, while others are sad about leaving after having a great, memorable four years of high school.  

With college decisions needing to be made by the beginning of May, seniors need to start figuring out where they want to go. Some have started attending receptions and visiting campuses to see what feels best for them. Many of our seniors here at Segerstrom were successful in being accepted to multiple colleges and universities. We have many students hoping to attend community colleges, Cal States, UCs, out-of-state colleges, and even private schools. Being accepted into universities and colleges were the dream for multiple students as they began their high school experience, and getting accepted into them after years of hard work really pays off. (To learn more about college acceptances, click here.)

 Although attending college may be the goal for most students, it might not be the option for everyone. Some will jump from high school to working a full time job or even starting up a business. Others will take a gap year and figure out what they’ll want to do with their futures. Some students might even travel the world and visit wonderful places. It is all up to them to decide where their next chapter of their lives will be; it all depends on what people desire and hope to achieve.

With the end of senior year also comes senior class events. Prom is coming up and will be held on April 23rd at the [AV] Irvine complex and the theme being “A Night With The Mistress of Evil.” Senior Sunset will be on May 26th, but the theme is to be announced. Senior Panorama (where seniors will join to take a graduation photo out on the bleachers) has not been announced yet either. Grad Nite, on June 3rd, will be hosted by Universal Studios. Finally, graduation will take place on June 1st, with the location to be determined. After all of these events take place, these graduates will no longer be high schoolers; they’ll move on with their life and prepare for what’s to come next. We only hope for the best for our graduating senior class of 2022!