Segerstrom Hosts Middle School Tournament


(Image courtesy of Alondra Cifuentes)

Mendez is celebrating their win at the girls soccer tournament after beating MacArthur, 1 to 0.

Alondra Cifuentes

On March 19, 2022, all the middle schools in SAUSD came to Segerstrom High School for the girls soccer and boys basketball tournament. The tournament was occurring in the gym, the baseball field, and at the stadium. 

All middle schools attended the tournament, including MacArthur, Mendez, McFadden, Heninger, ALA, and many more. There were tents around the area with the school’s name on them, hosting  players of the teams, coaches, parents, other students, and teachers. 

How this tournament works: there are 4 different types of pool, like Pool A, Pool B, Pool C, and Pool D. In each pool, there are 3 different middle schools and they all play against each other in their pool. Once they have the 4 winners of each pool ,then they are off to the last games. For this year, the girls soccer winners of each pool were Mendez, MacArthur, Carr, and Lathrop. Then for the semi-finals, MacArthur won over Lathrop and Mendez won over Carr, so they were off to the finals. But before the finals happened, Lathrop and Carr went against each other for the third place title and Lathrop won. When it was the finals, Mendez won against MacArthur with the score 1-0. 

While this tournament was going on, Segerstrom’s girls soccer team and boys basketball team were raising money. The boys basketball team was by the gym selling tacos, drinks, and snacks. The girls soccer team was also selling nachos, drinks, and snacks at the snack stand by the stadium.