“The Batman” Review


Movie theaters have this poster on display for the new Batman movie. (Image courtesy of Warner Borthers)

The Batman, the newest version in the Batman movie series, was released on March 4th this year in theaters all across America. Robert Pattinson stars as Batman, and Zoe Kravitz plays the role of Catwoman. 

There are many Batman movies before this one. There have been many actors who have donned the famous Batman suit. The very first live action Batman movie was made in 1966, which coincided with the television series production made between 1966-1968. 

Over the years, there have been many Batman movies, but the one released this year has been the most realistic to the true storyline because of the fact that Batman is trying to find clues about the Riddler, who is the main villain in the movie. 

The Batman movie scored 85% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is very good considering it follows the plot of the original Batman. This movie, with the new lead actor has caused a stir, and as a consequence, there are many opinions about the movie. Some think the movie is a good one and others do not. 

“The movie was actually really good because there was something happening every minute and it kept you on your feet,” says Greg Carbojal (11).

There are always going to be some who think that any new version of something is bad.

“The movie was all around good, but I feel like the past movies were better because I can’t see Robert Pattinson as Batman, I could only see him as a vampire,” says Jesse Lopez (11). 

Overall, this is a good, entertaining movie that everyone should see.