Seniors Moving Out of State


As some of our graduating Segerstrom seniors finish their last year of school, some of them will be attending colleges and universities that are further away from home. (Image courtesy of Davisville Management)

Gabby Colocho

Our seniors’ last year of high school is quickly coming to an end and many will be college freshmen after their summer is over. Those who will be going to college are nervously waiting to move out of their houses and into their college dorms. Some seniors won’t just be leaving home and moving to a city a few hours away, but some will even be moving out of state thousands of miles away from home. 

Many of the students who are attending an out-of-state college are very nervous about their move, but also very excited for what is to come. It can be expected that when you move away from home there will be many challenges in adjusting to a more independent life. You may feel lonely and overwhelmed during your first few months in your new home. You’ll be away from the place you grew up in and spent seventeen years of your life in. For others the transition might be seamless and they may adjust more easily.

Most of the seniors who are moving out of the state are moving because they have been given amazing opportunities that people don’t just receive everyday. For Melissa Ossorio, she is moving to her dream school in Indiana on a full ride scholarship. 

“I am excited to experience the four seasons and meet new people from different backgrounds,” says Ossorio (12). When asked if she was nervous for her move she said, “I’m nervous to not be able to come home every weekend since it is a three-hour flight away and it would not be practical to drive back home if I missed my family.” 

For Nick Moreno, he is moving out of California to Boston, Massachusetts to be at the center of some of the best universities in the country. 

“I would say that moving out of state is refreshing. Boston is such a beautiful city with so many opportunities, especially being able to work with Harvard, Boston University, Tufts, and MIT students. I’m really hopeful I can set down roots on the East Coast for the rest of my life,” says Nick Moreno (12).

Although filled with excitement and happiness with this new opportunity, Moreno is still faced with some nervousness concerning his move across the country. 

“There are some downsides though. Boston has disgustingly cold weather during the winter and the cost of living is relatively high. Conversely, I think it’s entirely worth the sacrifice being able to have a phone in a lifetime opportunity like this. I would say I am nervous moving away, but the hopefulness I have of my future outweighs the fear I feel,” says Moreno (12)  

We congratulate these seniors, and many who are deciding to move away from California and start their new lives and even settle down. It is an exciting time to be a graduating student at Segerstrom High School surrounded by so many intelligent minds and people who are continuing their journeys to success.