ASB Election Results and Process


(Image courtesy of ASB Director, Mr.Garcia)

Pictured are the results for the 2022-2023 ASB Elected Cabinet positions.

Sophia Cortez

As the 2021-2022 school year reaches its end, ASB hosts its annual ASB elections to determine who will fill in the new class cabinet and ASB cabinet positions. The elected positions that students were allowed to apply for as ASB Cabinet was ASB President, ASB Vice President, ASB Secretary, and ASB Treasurer. For the Senior, Junior, Sophomore, and Freshman Cabinet they all consist of the same positions: president, vice president, and secretary/treasurer. In order to apply for a class cabinet position, you will need to be in that upcoming grade. However for the ASB cabinet positions, only students who have been in ASB or Senate before are eligible to apply for the position. Along with the eligibility requirement, students should have a GPA higher than a 2.5 at all times.  

For the role of ASB President, Christopher Gonzales, a Junior who was Junior Vice President, and William Habas, a ASB Spirit and Pep commissioner, are both running. The fight to win the title to ASB President was quite tough with both Gonzales and Habas going neck to neck and trying to gain as many votes as possible. For ASB Vice President,Gabriella Gill, a Junior who was Junior Secretary, and Brandy Figueroa, Sophomore president, are running. For ASB Secretary, Lizette Oregel, a Junior who was ASB Secretary, and Norma Mendoza, a Junior who was the Commissioner of Student Stores, both ran. Finally we only had one applicant for ASB Treasurer, Maya Sosa, a junior who was in the ASB Senate.  

Moving onto the Senior cabinet, we had Hannah Barreto and Kailah Alonso running for Senior President. We had Shawn Murray solely running for Senior Vice President.  For the Junior cabinet, we had Hector Rodriguez and Jordan Bergan running for Junior President. We had Christopher Espinoza and Andrea Osuna running for Junior Vice President. We then had Lynn Hang and Desiree Soto running for Junior Secretary/treasure.  For the Sophomore cabinet, we had Lillany Marquez and Terrence Ross running for Sophomore President. We had Haiwa Perez running for Sophomore vice president. We also had Jason Alonso, Isaiah Martinez, and Samatha Tlalzicapan running for Sophomore Secretary.  

Before elections, student running were able to promote themselves as much as they could to guarantee the right amount of votes. They made videos revealing who they were, created flyers posted all around campus and talked to their friends and teachers to spread the word.  

ASB elections took place from March 30-31st during first and second lunch, students had the chance to vote for two days through a qr code that led them to the google form.  

On April 1st the election results were posted on the SFHS instagram page. The new ASB Cabinet was *que drumroll*… Christopher Gonzalez for ASB President, Gabriella Gill for ASB Vice President, Lizette Oregel for ASB Secretary, and Maya Sosa for ASB Treasurer. Senior Cabinet members are Hannah Barreto for Senior President and Shawn Murray for Senior Vice President. Junior Cabinet members are Jordan Bergman for Junior President, Christopher Espinoza for Junior Vice President, and Lynn Hang for Junior Secretary/Treasurer. Finally, to end it off, the Sophomore cabinet was revealed to be Lillany Marquez and Terrence Ross as Co-Presidents and Jason Alonso for Sophomore Secretary/Treasurer.