Segerstrom Baseball Plays at Angel Stadium


(Image courtesy of Jacklyne Rivera)

Segerstrom Jaguars stood strong on the field against Anaheim High school.

Rodrigo Rivera and Jacklyne Rivera

On Thursday, April 14th, the Segerstrom baseball team played against Anaheim High School at Angel Stadium in Anaheim. This was a great opportunity for the players to experience because they were playing at a Major League Baseball Stadium. 

In every normal year, the Jaguars go to this venue, but they haven’t played there since 2019 due to the pandemic. This year since Covid-19 cases are at a low point, the baseball team was able to play there again. 

The boys were given an experience like they would if they were to play like actual Major League players. They all got introduced one by one by the speaker. “It was a really cool experience playing in a big stadium,” says Zander Bretza (12). 

During the game, Adrian Villegas hit a triple out by center field, which was enough to tie the game during the top of the seventh inning. The boys were really excited and celebrated his hit. The final score was tied 1-1.