Senior Send-Off #2022: Avery Ngo


Callista Do

Here is Avery showing how she and her friend Bella spend free time together

Alondra Cifuentes, Staff Writer

After three years on The Jag Journal staff, two of which as editor-in-chief, Avery Ngo, is poised to graduate and begin college at UCLA in the fall to pursue a degree in political science. Our staff is proud to have had a strong and understanding leader such as her. Avery has led the school paper to success with her friendly, creative, humble nature. Not only that but being smart and funny has allowed Avery to make connections with students and teachers across campus, as well. More recently, her reach has gone further than Segerstrom. She and her friend from another school won a grant for the program they developed called Competitive Edge, a free summer program to help students with soft skills necessary to stand out amongst others new to the workforce. Anyone who knows Avery knows that her time here at Segerstrom was well-spent and that is the reason she has so much to look forward to post-high school. When asked to reflect on her years at Segerstrom, Avery had this to share with fellow and future Segerstrom students: 

1.  What is/are your favorite memory(ies) of Segerstrom?

My favorite memories are with my best friend Bella Do. We went to football and water polo games together as well as the different school festivals. I also enjoyed competing in swim meets during junior year, being ranked second and third in the league, and breaking two school records. Finally, I enjoy my debates with my friend Dominic Truong who always keeps things very lively. 

2.  How has your high school experience at Segerstrom shaped your life?

My experience has truly been shaped by the people. I have met so many people, including my counselor, Ms. Mejia, my teachers, and my friends, who have changed the course of my life. They have motivated me to become better and reach my full potential as a person and as a student. I find myself more open to trying new things and have cultivated a fierce passion for learning because of my time at Segerstrom. 

3.  What are your plans after high school graduation?

My plan is to attend UCLA next year. I plan to become an attorney. 

4.  What is one piece of advice you would give to an incoming freshman?

One piece of advice I would give to an incoming freshman is to maintain a healthy work-life balance. It’s important to have fun, but it’s also important to stay focused on the future.