Senior Send-Off #2022: Sophia Cortez


Sophia Cortez

Here is Sophia enjoying time with a friendly deer on her vacation in Arizona.

Jacklyne Rivera, Staff Writer

Senior Sophia Cortez has been on The Jag Journal staff for one year, but she has risen to a leadership position in that time. In addition to being a staff writer, she is also the feature editor. Sophia joined The Jag Journal as a way to dip her toe in the water of journalism. After high school, Sophia plans to get her prerequisite classes done at Santa Ana College in a year and then transfer to a university of her liking and major in journalism and communications. Sophia hopes to become a news correspondent after she is done with her undergraduate degree. Some of Sophia’s favorite memories at Segerstrom were attending school dances and singing her heart out with all of her friends. Sophia has been very passionate about being involved in activities throughout her four years. Segerstrom has shaped her life by joining many different clubs and also being part of ASB. During her senior year, Sophia led ASB with her outgoing and supportive personality as co-president. Doing this made her more open and extroverted. Sophia would advise incoming freshmen to make as many friends as possible and join all the clubs and sports to build strong relationships with their teachers and coaches. 

1.  What is/are your favorite memory(ies) of Segerstrom? 

My favorite memory probably has to be attending the school dances and singing my heart out with my friends. I have loved all of the dances but my favorites have to be Winter Formal and Prom. Being able to dance and sing with all of my friends for the night felt amazing. Another favorite memory of mine is attending Goofy’s Kitchen for my ASB Winter Banquet. We all got to dress up as Disney characters and have a fun time. It was a great experience I had with my friends whom I consider family.

2.  How has your high school experience at Segerstrom shaped your life? 

By joining clubs and being a part of ASB, I have become more open and extroverted. Segerstrom has helped me shape the person I am today. I believe that from freshman year until now I have grown and matured so much and have opened myself to new experiences. 

3.  What are your plans after high school graduation? 

I am planning on getting my General Ed done at sac in one year and then transferring out to a University of my liking. I hope to major in journalism and communications and become a news correspondent for a major new company. I hope to get my bachelor’s, master’s, and even a doctorate degree. After all my hard work I would love to travel the world and experience new things. 

4.  What is one piece of advice you would give to an incoming freshman? 

Something I would say to the Freshman is to make as many friends as possible and join all the clubs and sports that you can and build strong relationships with your teachers (it helps in the future when applying to jobs/colleges). I know it might be a bit scary transitioning from middle school to high school but don’t let it get in the way of making many memories.