Senior Send-Off #2022: Gabby Colocho


Image courtesy of Gabby Colocho

Gabby Colocho is a graduating senior of class 2022 and the news editor for the Jag Journal.

Melanie Vargas, Staff Writer

Gabriela Colocho is a senior attending Segerstrom High School. She is a part of The Jag Journal staff and serves as the News Editor for the Jag Journal. Throughout her four years, Gabby has learned to have a passion for playing the piano and loves playing the keys whenever possible. Along with playing the piano, Gabby loves to sit down and read fiction books when she finds she has some free time on her hand. Out of all the books, she has read so far her favorite being The Folk of the Air series, Gabby hopes to continue reading for as long as she can. During her free time, Gabby loves to enjoy spending time with her family and friends. Many of Gabby’s friends consider her to be very genuine and amiable. Through her years in high school, Gabby has maintained good grades and is considered to be smart, strong, and a hard worker. After graduating from Segerstrom High School, Gabby will be attending the University of California, San Diego, and graduate in the Class of 2026 majoring in Philosophy. After graduating from San Diego she hopes to become a lawyer. Gabby was given a chance to share some of what she experienced and learned during her time here at Segerstrom. Read about it here.

1.  What are your favorite memories of Segerstrom? 

I think that my favorite memories are football games, and also school dances. During all of the school dances and football games, there was always so much good energy and pure happiness. Going to football games on Friday nights was always amazing and eating out with my friends afterward was even better. During my sophomore year, I was in Song-Pom and we would cheer at football games and we would go to competitions. The competitions were always a full day long and they were so nerve-racking, but once we got on that stage and performed it always felt so great. I really enjoyed homecoming, prom, formal, and of course, being with my friends. They have been very important because I have made most of my good memories with them.

2.  How has your high school experience at Segerstrom shaped your life? 

I feel like it’s made me find what I want to do and what I like. It’s made me get out of my comfort zone and try new things, and now I’m more extroverted. And I feel like it’s just been positive. I have a pretty good outlook on things now because I had a really good high school experience, so now I’m going into college hoping that it will be as good as high school was. 

3.  What are your plans after high school graduation? 

After graduation, I’m going to the University of California, San Diego. Hopefully, I’ll be able to go on a trip to Europe and travel to many different countries there. 

4.  What is one piece of advice you would give to an incoming freshman?  

Some advice I would give is to not be that scared. I was really scared when I was a freshman and I thought it was going to be really bad but honestly, it’s really not. And I feel like it was better than what I expected. Come in with an open mind and be willing to do different things that you normally wouldn’t do. Make sure you don’t come in saying that you will hate high school because you want to come in here neutral so what happens can only make your opinions go up. Get involved. I wish I had been more involved and I wish I had always put in 100 percent effort in everything I did.