Senior Send-Off #2022: Isabella Do


Image courtesy of Benjamin Le

Isabella Do is a senior at Segerstrom High School, she participated in Song-pom and is our newspaper’s photo editor.

Diana Ramirez, Staff Writer

Isabella Do is a senior here at Segerstrom who participated in Song Pom and Journalism. She is the photo editor of The Jag Journal. Bella is a very hardworking, independent, and funny person. She has helped everyone in one way or another with everything. You will usually see her with Avery Ngo, her best friend. Bella enjoyed her time here a Segertrom attending football games, dancing, cheering, and supporting her friends and classmates. As she looks back on her high school career, Bella has this to share with the Segerstrom community.

1.  What is/are your favorite memory(ies) of Segerstrom? 

  My favorite memories here at Segerstrom are dancing at football games with the Song team, supporting friends at volleyball, Swim, baseball games, and friending the security guards and janitors on campus.

2.  How has your high school experience at Segerstrom shaped your life?

The people I’ve met here at Segerstrom have greatly influenced my life. I got the chance to reconnect with old friends, make numerous new connections, and of course meet my best friend, Avery. Each of these people has changed me for the better and I really couldn’t imagine my life without them. 

3.  What are your plans after high school graduation?

After high school graduation, I’ll be attending UCLA and will be majoring in biology on the pre-dental track. 

4.  What is one piece of advice you would give to an incoming freshman?

If I could give one piece of advice to an incoming freshman, it would be to truly be yourself. As cheesy as it sounds, I regret not being myself earlier in my high school career. I was guarded and shy which stopped me from enjoying all four years here at Segerstrom.