Club Rush provides new opportunities for student organizations


Image courtesy of Jai Berrelleza

Crowds of students visited club tables in the quad during Club Rush last Wednesday, August 31.

Last Wednesday, August 31, Club Rush was held during both lunches in the quad. The event was built to inform new and returning students about many of the clubs offered at Segerstrom. Each club had its own information table which they could decorate in any way they saw fit.

One of the many clubs out there was the Robotics Club, run by Mr. Schultz. Representing the club was secretary of treasury Dominick Lee (12).

“The goal of our club is to learn programming in a fun way, learn physics and apply those concepts to win fun competitions against other schools,” Dominick said. “And if you want to join or just come and check the club out, our club meets in D-206 on the second Tuesday of every month.”

From one engineering club to another, there’s also the Femineers Club, whose goal is to focus on women in engineering.

“The goal of our club is to empower female engineers,” Vice President and senior Madeline Melendez said. “Our club meets on Wednesdays at 7:30 A.M. in C111.”

There were many students that found new clubs that they may be interested in or plan on joining. One of those people was Alina Canales (10).

“I’m interested in the CSF club because of the community service and activities.”

Club Rush gives student organizations an opportunity to put themselves out there and drive up interest for their club while giving non-club members a chance to find clubs that fit their interests. However, there are some students who couldn’t find the club they were looking for, and wished for certain clubs to come to Segerstrom. Some, like freshman Christopher Canzino, even had suggestions for club commissioners next year.

“One club I’d like to have that isn’t here is a TV show club or something like that. It’d be interesting to analyze shows like Breaking Bad.”

To learn more about the various clubs offered here at Segerstrom, click here.