Casino Night homecoming dance


Image courtesy of Antonia Mendoza

Students at homecoming gathered for dancing and singing songs under the mist of the fog machine.

Antonia Mendoza, Staff Writer

On September 17, Segerstrom students celebrated their first school dance of the year. Homecoming is Segerstrom’s way of celebrating students starting out a new school year. This year’s homecoming was held in the school’s plaza, the theme being “Casino Royale.” Students dressed up in their flashiest attire and enjoyed the many activities this year’s dance offered.

This year’s dance had multiple activities, such as a 3D photo booth, casino games, catered food by TK Burgers, and a fog machine hose. Although the dance started out with very few students dancing, over time the dance got a lot more lively, with everyone chanting for more songs at the end of the night.

Nevaehs Ford (11), who attended the dance, said, “I personally think it’s a lot more exciting than last year and they put more effort.”

At the dance, there were some casino games to play as well; three tables of blackjack and one table of roulette. People would be given chips for free where you gambled with cards or on numbers. Senior Bradley Wolfe gave their opinions on the gambling games. The games were really interesting and not what I expected.”

This year’s Homecoming King, Justin Barajas (12) described the dance as “stylish.” He also added, “This year’s dance is really put together and I’m really happy I won Homecoming King.”

Many people agreed that this year’s homecoming has improved compared to the previous years, but there are also many students who experienced their first school dance this year, such as Jamie Carmen (9). “It feels cool, and it’s what I imagined for my first high school dance.” 

Overall, the dance was a success, and students around the school seemed to really enjoy it. “If you’re looking for a reason to go to one of our dances here at Segerstrom,” senior Faith Ung (12) shares, “You should come to one of the dances to make memories with friends and overall have a good time.”