Pumpkin Fest preview


Image courtesy of Segerstrom ASB

Tonight from 6-9 PM, Segerstrom will be holding its annual Pumpkin Fest.

Angie Martinez, Staff Writer, Copy Editor

Every fall, Segerstrom hosts Pumpkin Fest, bringing students and their families together to celebrate the season. This year, various clubs are coming back with more events and food sales on October 27th from 6-9 PM in the plaza. Segerstrom High School will be welcoming all families for a night of fun.

It is recommended that visitors bring cash with them if they plan on purchasing food or playing games which will require $1 per ticket. Most sales range from $1-10. We also encourage those who plan to attend to come in their Halloween costumes so they can participate in the costume contest, as long as they are family-friendly and appropriate for a school environment. Along with food and games, there will also be the Noches de Recuerdos with an ofrenda contest for our Hispanic community.

By A building, there will be face painting by the Art Club and the Children’s Maze hosted by the Friends of the Library. ASB will be found selling tickets and Segertrom apparel. On the opposite side of the quad and down the stairs toward the ASB Window is the petting zoo provided by the Class of 2024 and the photo booth from the Class of 2023. Back up the stairs and to the right are the D and E buildings where you can find The Red Cross Club hosting a guessing and focus game, bottle toss by the Rainbow Jags, eyeball pong with Link Crew, goblet toss run the K-Pop Club, VSA, and KIWIN’S, the AVID game booth, and free coloring hosted by the Child Development class. In the center of it all will be ASB showcasing its Fall spirit.

After all that fun, regenerate your energy with some tasty snacks and drinks. Beginning at the Senior Spot, you can find pumpkin pie sold by the NHS Club, churros by the Dungeon & Dragons Club, cake pops by the Rainbow Jags, milk tea boba courtesy of the Key Club, and the ASL Club selling cupcakes. Outside the library, there will be pizza sold by the Femmineers and refreshments brought by the yearbook club. Outside the attendance office, the softball team has provided Java on the Go, which sells coffee, ASB will also be providing a taco cart by La Carreta LoncheraI, the Action Civils Club will be selling agua frescas, the Beuty and Cosmetics Club will have esquires, nachos brought to you by CSF, tostilocos from AVID, Color Guard will have candy, and cups of noodles will be provided by the LULAC Club. Outside the cafeteria, you can find champurrado, mac & cheese, donuts, candied apples, tamales, and ice cream sold by the band, VSA, KIWIN’S, the K-Pop Club, the girls’ soccer team, and the boys’ soccer team respectively.

All proceeds will go directly into funding for each club. See you at Pumpkin Fest!