New banners on Jaguar Way


Image courtesy of Maxwell Reed

Just last month new banners were put up at Jaguar Way, each highlighting a different student from each sport here at Segerstrom.

Maxwell Reed, Staff Writer

As of last month, new banners have been put up on Jaguar Way celebrating students currently participating in sports. From soccer to basketball and volleyball to tennis, there are students highlighted from every sports team at Segerstrom.

According to Segerstrom’s athletic director Nick Canzone, “Head varsity coaches choose who to select; it’s two for each sport, one of both genders.” Mr. Canzone also said that these banners “represent you being a team leader and a good representative of your program.”

Getting chosen to represent your sport on the banners is indicative of your skill and leadership ability within your team. Mr. Canzone emphasized that, regardless of the popularity and standings of each sport, all of them are worth paying attention to. “All teams are very competitive, tennis is second in their division, cross country is looking strong, especially Saul Orozco (11) on the boys’ team, and boys’ water polo is young but getting better.”

The banners that are now blazing at the back of our school are very important in highlighting which students are true leaders in their teams and a good representation of their sports team.

One of those students is Isiah Velasquez, a senior who is on the varsity basketball team. “Having a voice [and] being who other teammates can go to [for help],” I asked. Velasquez firmly believes in exhibiting the qualities of a leader on and off the court.

These banners clearly mean a lot to students who had put immense effort into their performance of the sports they play, and you can go see them just over at the back of the school on Jaguar Way. When asked about getting chosen to be put on one of the banners, he seemed very thankful.

“It was a big accomplishment and crazy to find out. It felt like everything I had worked for was paying off. Go Jags!”