Murder in the Knife Room: a Segerstrom production


Monica Roman

Actors dress rehearsal for this year’s fall play, Murder in the Knife Room. Inspector (Faith Ung) interrogates Pompous Millionaire (Bradley Wolfe).

Antonia Mendoza, Staff Writer, Graphic Design Editor

“Murder in the Knife Room” was performed for this year’s fall play at Segerstrom. The play took place in the mansion of an individual named “Mysterious Host,” who had invited 20 individuals to her mansion under mysterious conditions. The play was performed on October 12, 13, and 14th in Segerstrom’s Theater. 

The host presented an unopened box of incriminating evidence. Within the room of 20 suspects, there was an “Inexplicably Omniscient Inspector” who must figure out who has committed a murder.

Before the box could be opened, the lights go out, and after they are brought back up, the Mysterious Host is dead, stabbed in the chest with a knife. An inspector reveals herself among the crowd of people, previously known as the “probably-faking-it deaf-mute.” She goes through the suspect’s motives, a few suspects have their own reenactment scenes but most give summaries of their motives and what they think is in the box. 

The set took place in a mansion, with a variety of seats and couches where many actors resided. The wall was, as suggested by the name of the play, covered in fake knives made by Segerstrom’s theater tech students. The actors who had flashback scenes as part of their character had microphones, and those who didn’t have a mic naturally projected to the audience.

By the end of the play, it had been revealed that the mysterious host had one knife in her chest and 19 more knives in her back. Every suspect was revealed to be the murderer, but instead of arresting everyone, the Inspector revealed that she was in fact, the Mysterious Host, and the Host everyone had killed was actually a robot. 

As all the party guests inch toward the real Mysterious Host to kill her, she convinced them not to stab her by offering to reveal what’s in the box. When she opened the box, inside revealed Reduced Fat Twinkies. The cast laughed and freeze-framed as sitcom music played in the background, an unexpected ending that may have come across as confusing to some audience members but the intention was to reveal one final, strange twist.

Those in attendance were mainly family members and Segerstrom students who came to support the Segerstrom theater community. There were many in attendance each night of the production which added to the fun atmosphere.

Segerstrom’s drama production will also be performing “Descendants” for their Winter Musical. If you are interested in auditioning, please join the Google Classroom (code: 3o6quhu) or talk to Ms. Owens in room B101. Auditions will take place on November 14th and November 16th.