Scholarship opportunity for sophomores


Image courtesy of the Higher Education Center

These flyers were posted around campus to inform students about the scholarship opportunity provided by the Simon Scholars program.

Miley Guerrero, Staff Writer

On Thursday, January 12th, sophomores at Segerstrom attended the annual Simon Scholar assembly. This was an informational assembly to inform students about this non-profit organization. The Simon Scholar Foundation is based in Newport Beach, and its vision is “to enable deserving individuals to achieve two of the most cherished American dreams, a college degree and attaining home ownership.”

The Simon Scholar Foundation was founded by Ronald Simon, who was born to immigrant parents and appreciates the opportunities he was given in America. This program allows him to give back and provide these opportunities for other immigrant families. Segerstrom has a majority population of students with immigrant parents and has had many Simon scholarships awarded over the years. 

If a student becomes a Simon Scholar, it would be from their junior year of high school through their four years of college. This scholarship includes a cash stipend, a computer, leadership, community service opportunities, preparatory assistance through SAT and ACT courses, and is awarded a $16,000 scholarship.

Applications are open until February 6th. To be eligible for this scholarship, students must have a weighted GPA of at least 3.5, must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and must be a sophomore at one of the program’s partner schools. Segerstrom is a Simon Scholar partner school, and selected sophomores are eligible for this scholarship.

 “It’s a very unique experience to be a part of. It’s two years during high school and it’s going to help them successfully navigate through college. They offer great resources, college exploration, and allow students to develop personal growth, etiquette, networking, and public speaking. It’s a lot more than good grades, it’s about developing yourself, too,” said Mrs.Huezo,  Segerstrom Higher Ed Coordinator.

If you are interested in a more direct source, Mrs.Huezo is a great contact in the Higher Ed Center if you have any questions.  Application due dates have been extended to Friday, February 10th.

For students who are interested in learning more or contacting the foundation, click here. If you are interested in applying for the Simon Scholars program, click here.