Angels signings, in review


Image courtesy of Maxwell Reed

The Angels walk off their May 8th 2022 game against the Washington Nationals with a score of 5-4.

Maxwell Reed, Staff Writer

When the last baseball season ended, it was clear that the Angels had it rough, with a 73-89 record and just barely making it to 3rd in the division. They had much to work on this offseason, and it definitely has been a very eventful one. With multiple signings and trades so far, they have given their fans hope for the upcoming season.

The Angels have signed multiple free agents this year. The first move they made was for the starting pitcher Tyler Anderson, who was signed to a three-year contract worth $39 million dollars. This deal has mostly been received positively given how small the amount paid for him was compared to other pitchers over the offseason, and because he will be coming off of his best season last year with the Dodgers.

The next free agent they signed was Carlos Estevez. He’s a reliever who, like Tyler Anderson, is coming off of the best season of his career with the Rockies. His 3.47 ERA was one of the best on his team, and hopefully, he’ll be able to bring that same quality to the Angels next year. The Angels got Gio Urshela, a third baseman mainly. He had one of, if not the best, seasons of his career last year for the Minnesota Twins and will be looking to be a main contributor in the Angels lineup next season.

The next big signing they made was for Brandon Drury, who can play second base as well as other positions, too. He received a contract of $17 million dollars for two years, which for his level of quality, is a fair deal. He was great for both the Cincinnati Reds and San Diego Padres last year, even helping the Padres move on to the National League Championship Series in last year’s playoffs. He should help the Angels tremendously, giving them a very solid infield.

The final free agent signing worth highlighting is Brett Philips, who can play all outfield positions but will most likely play for the Angels in the right field. He will be a considerable improvement over Jo Adell there and should help give the Angels one of the best outfields in baseball right now.

Also helping out that outfield is the player acquired in one of two trades the Angels have completed; Hunter Renfroe. He can play in both corner outfield positions but is more suited to a designated hitter role. He can easily hit over 25+ home runs a season, so he will be an important asset to the team.

With these new additions, the Angels will hopefully recover from the off-season and make their big comeback next season.