Segerstrom Defeats Godinez Once Again

Segerstrom offense pressures from the 20 yard line near then end of the second quarter.

Segerstrom offense pressures from the 20 yard line near then end of the second quarter.

Tomas Alba

The Jaguars football team played against Godinez on Friday, August 30th, at Jaguar Stadium. This was the most anticipated, and hyped up game of the entire year. It ended with a final score of 53-0, giving Segerstrom its 2-0 overall record for their 2019-2020 season.

Godinez has been defeated by Segerstrom for the last 7 years now. This is an accomplishment that the football team will hope to continue for the years to come.

“It’s great to know that we have a good football team, and that we hold a big and important winning streak against Godinez. I know this program has a lot of great years ahead, and this season is going to be good,” said varsity player Rodrigo Barwick (12).

By the end of the first quarter, Segerstrom had already scored 43 points. It was a loud game, as fans cheered for their team throughout the entire game. Other fans, however, sat wanting a more competitive game.

“I wasn’t even expecting the score to be so high. It’s better when there’s competition and the teams are both trying to take the win, but Godinez just didn’t put in much competition. It was still a really good game though, and my friends and I had fun,” said Milagros Quezada (11).

This years’ game was played as an away game, which meant less seating would be available. However, the same amount of people, who went to last year’s game, wanted to attend the popular game. More tickets were sold for this game than the stands could capacitate. This meant that some people had to either stand or sit on the hill to watch the game. Over 1,000 tickets were sold.

“There were so many people at the stands, I got there like at 6 and there was already nowhere to sit, and everyone that was sitting down was completely squished,” said Brianna Ayala (12).

This game was a good win for Segerstrom and keeps them at a top place in the league. It was a great display of the team’s talent and potential for the season.

“I’m very proud of my teammates and I am really thankful for everyone that showed up to the game. This is going to be a good season and we’re going to continue trying our best out on the field. This game meant a lot to us and it feels great to win them again,” said Rafael Ramos (12).