Paying College Athletes

New law would give athletes from schools such as UCLA and USC the ability to make money from their figure. Photo courtesy:

Tomas Alba, Section Editor

SB 206, a new bill that has recently been passed, will allow students playing college sports to profit from their image. This new law taking effect in January 2023, will allow college athletes to be compensated for the use of their image, names, and likenesses. It’s a bill that comes with some issues, however. 

One of the huge problems come from the N.C.A.A rules, in which they prohibit student athletes from receiving any form of compensation for playing their sport. 

“I don’t think it’s fair. A college athlete already goes through so many expenses that they have to go through as being a student, and so they should be able to make money off of their abilities. The N.C.A.A should get rid of these rules and let each athlete make money for doing what they’re good at,” said America Rosas (12). 

Another problem with this new bill is that it could give California colleges a huge advantage. Why would an athlete want to go to University of Texas, per se, if they could instead go to UCLA, where they would be able to make money for playing a sport. This phenomenon would give these colleges an unfair advantage at recruiting the best players.  The N.C.A.A calls it unconstitutional, saying “…a patchwork of different laws from different states will make unattainable the goal of providing a fair and level playing field…”

“I think since it’s only California that has pushed for this, so far, it definitely would give the colleges in this a better change at recruiting the best players. I think all states should push for this, so that it can be fair across the board,” said Terrence Huynh (11). 

So then what will happen to college athletes in California once the bill takes effect? This a question that will have to be resolved with the next three years. If neither N.C.A.A  nor California see eye-to-eye within that time frame, players who receive any form of compensation will become ineligible to play. 

“If they are going to receive any foul from making money, then I think that it’s best that they just stick to the rules that are currently in place. But either way, I’m pretty sure there’s going to be some sort of agreement that the two are going to come to,” said Andrew Gonzalez (12). 

Many professionals have spoken out, and are in favor is this new bill. Stephen Curry said, in an interview “Creating change and creating opportunity is huge…this is a nice step in the right direction”. 

This is going to be a problem that is going to settle itself, and come to some sort of conclusion, but maybe not anytime in the near future. It’s mainly up to the N.C.A.A to figure out how there going to move forward with the bill that is going to be set into place.