Joker Review


Ashley Ibarra , Staff Writer

The drama and thriller “Joker” was released on October 4, 2019, which was based on a D.C comic book film that was directed by Todd Philips. Joaquin Phoenix, also known as the Joker, was first introduced as a supervillain in 1940. The producers spent 5.5 million on the movie. 

“I haven’t seen the movie yet but I do plan to because I have always loved the Batman movies were I first saw the joker and I want to see his point of view,” said Allyson Catalan ( 11 ).

The whole movie was basically a documentary about the events that happened throughout the Joker’s life. Although there are many versions of how he became a psychopath and the joker, they show how his mother was a very big impact on him and motivated to make people laugh and spread happiness.

“I went to go watch the movie and I loved it especially because they never showed his side of the story so we finally got that view and his background,” said Darlene Romero (11).

In Joker’s early life, he was a clown who performed in different types of events. After a while, he began leaving his face paint on to commit his crimes, somewhat looking like a mask. He first got his name from the card games which symbolized him being a jokester because he would pull evil pranks. He asked the people who were going to introduce him at the carnival to introduce him as Joker and this allowed people to be familiar with him and what he did.

“The Joker is my favorite villain so I saw the movie the day it came out and I loved it and it’s now my favorite movie,” said James Camarillo (11).