Shark Tank Competition Movie Review

The original Shark Tank show that was the inspiration for the competition.

The original Shark Tank show that was the inspiration for the competition.

Angel Reyes

On November 13, a Shark Tank competition will be held for the whole Santa Ana District at the district office from (4-7 PM) with the help of Pacific Western Bank. 

The Shark Tank Competition is originally a television series where people present their company ideas to people of great wealth. They will decide if it is worth investing in the company/idea or if it is not worthy of their investment. 

A scoring rubric provided to the judges will include a one to four-point scale for product name, marketability, business plan, and presentation. The following are the prizes for the top three teams:

1st Place- $1000 per team 

2nd Place- $750 per team

3rd Place- $500 per team 

Pitch for business have to include the following: 

  1. Product name and logo
  2. Business plan of product or service addressing the following questions:
  •  What is the business purpose of your product or service?
  •  What problem does your product or service solve?
  •  What makes your product different/better than others?
  •  Who are your customers?
  •   How do you propose to fund your business?
  •  What are the costs to manufacture (create) your business and what will you charge your customers?
  •  What are your short term and long-term plans for your business or service?

Students who want to enter (in the Santa Ana District) had to enter by September 26 and those who didn’t meet the deadline will have to wait until the next contest.

High school students are invited to present a concept for a business. Mentors will be there to prepare students for a live competition where students from different schools will present their business idea and will compete for prize money.