No School After Halloween

San Fernando Valley having a Halloween event many other places have events as well.

San Fernando Valley having a Halloween event many other places have events as well.

Romina Ramirez, Section Editor

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Halloween is on October 31st, which lands on a Thursday. The Santa Ana Unified School District chose to let students take the day after Halloween off. Its in my opinion that having no school the next day is a good thing for many reasons. 

“That’s a good thing because that means I can go and have a good time on Thursday and not worry about waking up early for school the next day.”said Anthony Rodriguez(11)

For the first time in a  while, we have no school after Halloween. Some are happy about it and some students think its just a waste and that we should come to school. I think it’s not a bad idea because then everyone can go and trick or treating for as long as they want. They don’t have to worry about waking up early the next day to come to school. 

Darlene Romero (11) said, “I didn’t even know that we didn’t have school after Halloween this is a surprise to me I like how we have it off because we got no school than that way I can take my little sister and brother to trick and treating.”

Now some people don’t celebrate Halloween and do not think its an actual holiday, so they think it doesn’t make sense to have no school the next day. Either way it’s a friday with no school so Im not complaining there. A three day weekend and Halloween the night before so trick or treating all night and hanging out with friends sounds like a good time. 

James Camrillo (11) said, “I’m glad we have no school after Halloween because I usually go to Riverside to go trick or treating with my cousins over there and I always have to leave earlier but this time I can spend the night and relax and just have fun.”