PSAT and SAT Study Tips


Victor Martinez, Section Editor

The PSAT and SATs are coming up soon at Segerstrom and many students are beginning to panic because they are unprepared for the big test. The test will take place on Wednesday, October 16th.

Study Tip #1: Put any electronics aside. This should be the most obvious one but at the same time, it’s also the most difficult one to do. Most people need the internet to survive nowadays but making sure that the screen is off while studying should be the number one priority.

Study Tip #2: Listen to music. This tip is optional but it could help you concentrate. Of course, the music can’t be Travis Scott because that will make it way tougher to concentrate but listening to classical music or music of that sort has been found to improve your concentration.

Study Tip #3: Study with a buddy. Studying with a friend will make the studying process go a lot faster than usual and if you ever have a question you can just ask your friends for help and vice versa.

Study Tip #4: Start early. Not procrastinating is a tough thing to do especially if the task at hand is dull or boring but starting early gives you more time and you’re not cramming everything you need to know in the span of an hour.

Study Tip #5: Study Regularly. Going over your notes repeatedly will make it easier for the notes to get stuck in your head.

Study Tip #6: Read notes aloud. Speaking your notes aloud will make it easier for you to remember them.Study Tip #7: Take breaks. Although it’s important not to procrastinate it’s also important to take breaks to go over what you just revised.

Study Tip #8: Don’t give up. Studying is annoying, repetitive, and frustrating. Make sure to stay motivated so that you don’t slow down by being unmotivated.

Study Tip #9: Study when you’re sleepy. When you are about to go to sleep your brain strengthens memories. There’s a solid chance you remember what you studied the previous night when you wake up.

Study Tip #10: Don’t stick to one topic. Making sure you cover all topics is important when studying.

The PSAT/SAT are fast approaching make sure you are ready and study well for the big day.