Suicide Prevention Week

Suicide Prevention Week happens from September 8, to September 14.

Suicide Prevention Week happens from September 8, to September 14.

Julissa Mendoza, Staff Writer

Suicide Prevention Week is about making people feel safe, happy, understood included, and seen. This is a big deal as many more people have become depressed or suicidal. The week of prevention tries to help those who are going through things, to show, and spread awareness. Its more common in younger adults to commit suicide or have depressing thoughts because they are young and don’t know how to deal with what they are going through. Some don’t like to express or talk about problems, and that’s one reason out of many on why the week was created, to let them know they aren’t alone.

An anonymous 11th-grade student was asked about their thoughts on the awareness week. “I think this week is helpful but isn’t in my opinion. I feel like you shouldn’t just make it a week, but mention it throughout the month, like so many people go through things and they need to feel loved. But I like the idea, because it does help some people come out and talk about their problems, its like releasing an anchor inside of you.” 

Students and other adults have different opinions on this, some say it’s a good idea, while others say it’s not important because people don’t care about it. “I think its a good idea because it makes people feel loved and not alone.” (Grace, 11th, Segerstrom Student) 

There have been students here at Segertrom that have committed sucide and some people have mixed feelings about finally addressing this situation after a tragic event happens. 

“I think it’s wrong for people to wait until something happens to talk about this situation, we knew that person was hurting but we ignored it,” Anonymous (10th Santa Ana HS).