What Are You Doing for Halloween?


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Bianca Brunn, Staff Writer

Halloween— A holiday where people dress up and pretend to be something that there not. Halloween can be celebrated many different ways:  you can go to parties, trick-or-treat with friends, or even stay home and watch some scary movies. It all depends on your preference. 

“I am going to dress up and hang out with my friends,” said Caitlyn Sanchez (11).

Dressing up and going out with friends is a fun and simple way to spend Halloween. Overall spending a chill or eventful night with a couple friends is always a good way to go when you surround yourself with people you enjoy spending time with. 

“I would like to go to 17-Doors. That’s my goal because I want to get a heart attack,” said Isaac Benitez (12).

Since Halloween is the spookiest holiday, it makes sense people want to spend it getting scared. Some people may prefer the fright aspect of Halloween. They might enjoy a haunted house scary maze, or the terrifying costumes they see throughout the night. Some people’s main goal on Halloween might be to get the scare of their lives. 

“I’m excited if I go trick or treating because I get free candy and then I can go back home and watch movies,” said Alexis Vasquez (9).

Another great way to spend Halloween is the classic go-to— going trick-or-treating and then returning back home to a good night of spooky films. If you have younger siblings, you might be walking around your neighborhood watching them as they collect their candy for the night. You might even the one who enjoys treat-or-treating and the tasty treats that come with it. 

“I go to a haunted house, house parties, or to get candy,” said Elliana Lopez (11).

The majority of students I asked when interviewing for this article said that they would much rather attend a house party than anything else. A house party can be a fun and interesting way to spend Halloween as you get older and older. Costume contests, food, drinks, and other party activities are probably the way to go if you’d like a more mature Halloween night. 

”I’m excited because I’m going to see all my friends and get candy,” said Xochilt Argueta (10).